Faculty of Health Science

Faculty of Health Science is one of leading faculties in African University. It comprises eight departments committed to equip students with knowledge in different departments of the faculty.

The faculty consists of the following departments:


S/N Department Duration
1. Bachelor of Midwifery 3 years
2. Bachelor of Nutrition 3 years
3. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 5 years+ 1 internship
4. Bachelor of General Nursing Science 3 years
5. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science 3 years
6. Bachelor of Public Health 3 years
7. Bachelor of Health Service Management 3  years
8. Bachelor of Clinical Officer 4 years

The students can conduct practical training at medical labs of the University or at the hospitals in the country as well as outside of the country. 

  1. Campus Delivery method (CDM)
  2. Online Delivery Method (ODM)

After the completion of one of the above specializations, the students will earn a competitive knowledge in health science that applicable in the modern world.

  1. Secondary or Adult Preparation Program (APP) Certificate
  2. 4 photograph Passport Size
  3. Registration fee $ 30
  4. File for Documents

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