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Bishaaro Bishaaro!!

Jaamacadda African waxey kuu suurtagelisay in aad waxbarato adigoo jooga gurigaada iyo goobtaada shaqada ee fadlan haka daahin in aad iska diiwaangeliso takhasus-ka aad daneyneyso:


Faculty of Health Science      Faculty of Health Science
Faculty of Economic & Management  Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of Sharia & Law  Faculty of Sharia & Law
Faculty of Islamic studies  Faculty of Islamic studies
Faculty of Engineering & ICT  Faculty of Engineering & ICT
Faculty of Humanities &social science Faculty of Humanities & social science
Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine
Faculty of Education and Teaching  Faculty of Education and Teaching

Special programs

Adult Preparation Program (APP)  Adult Preparation Program (APP)
English Proficiency Program (EPP) English Proficiency Program

Wixii intaas dheer, fadlan farriintaada u dir info@africanuniversity.edu.so AMA 0619242990

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